I am Dana Hollis, a developing graphic designer, and an aspiring writer. I have also had some recent education in business administrations. I am originally from Southern California but have relocated to Milwaukee since 2015.   In California, I once worked for awhile in a newspaper’s ad building office where I assisted in proofreading advertisements for the paper. I returned to school under a veteran retraining program a few years ago and have continued since then. I am now seeking a degree in graphic design. I have always liked the idea of getting to the essence of things and I enjoy realizing ways to get a point across, and graphic design and copywriting are wonderful avenues for this. I have written several essays and have excellent writing aptitude. In the graphic design program, I have studied Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, as well as the skills for advertising, packaging, branding, and digital media. I enjoy philosophical approaches to analysis and thus consider myself a good candidate for innovative ideas. I have always enjoyed art and literature since childhood, and I know that my sensitivities and compositional skills in both fields can benefit any design company.    


I am involved in the graphic design program at MATC and have already earned the Production Artist diploma. I began this program in January 2018. I would like to engage in production of little books, or of décor for the home. Things such as, “coffee table” books, or a children book or two (I have a Christmas story already written), or clever posters for the four walls of our sanctuaries. I also have generated around 7,000 words of my own poetry (an offbeat style). I’m currently developing schemes for these types of things. I also want to be known for my talents in branding, especially for restaurants or hospitality.